Services included

A first pampering of the day

How good is it to wake up on your holiday and already know that an exquisite breakfast awaits you?

Our home-made breakfast

A wholesome, tasty breakfast at Hotel Speranza, prepared by our Serena, who bakes soft cakes and warm pastries just ready to enjoy with one of the fabulous coffees whose aroma fills our dining room.

Savour the sweet taste of our seasonal fruit, toast served with jam or marmalade, or even a bowl of yoghurt with some crunchy muesli. And if you’d rather start your day with a full charge of extra energy, then there’s always a savoury buffet with plenty of soft cheeses and fresh cured meats.

A splendid pool to relax in

Our pool zone has everything you need to relax: comfy loungers to rest on, read a good book or sunbathe; the bar service alongside can provide you with ice cream, cool drinks, or tasty aperitifs; and a salt water pool that is heated in the mid-season months to give you even better wellness.

Salt water has lots and lots of benefits: it is antiseptic, offers better floating when you get in, it’s gentler on the eyes and skin, which means you get out feeling softer, more relaxed and without the smell of chlorine.

Lots of services included in your stay

Every room with every comfort

Private bathroom


Air conditioning




Free wifi

Hair dryer

Private garage